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THEORY'S "EyeLift" - Non Surgical Eye Lid lifting Adhiesive Strips

$ 19.99 $ 39.99
THEORY'S new EYELIFT eye lid adhesive strips; High quality.
Designed for double eyelids, drooping lid, lazy eyelids, aged eyelids.
Designed to make the eyelid appear larger and more round. When we age our eyelids are one of the first places that show it. Because the loose skin dents to droop down over the eyelid making us appear older than we are.

Our EYELIFT strips can quickly and easily lift drooping upper eyelids to a youthful shape, without the cost, risk, and recovery time of eyelid surgery.  EYELIFT eyelid ADHESIVE STRIPS can be applied to both eyes in as little as 60 seconds!

The best part is OUR strip can easily accept eye shadows and still remain invisible. Get the EYELIFT without the surgery or the pain.

Hypoallergenic, won' t irritate skin transparent
Leaves virtually no adhesive residue.

Included: One spool of 300 EYELIFT strips and one applicator