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Perfection Peel, TCA and Mandelic Chemical Peels

Perfection Peel, TCA and Mandelic Chemical Peels

Perfection Peel, 10% TCA and 5% Mandelic Acid Chemical Peels

THEORY'S Perfecting Peel is used to smooth and refine your skin's texture while helping lighten any hyperpigmentation. Our Perfecting Peel can help smooth out your acne scarring as well. However, should not be used on active acne.

Instructions: For best results, we suggest using our pre-peel solution for a more even peel.
Always do a patch test by applying a small sample of the solution to the inner arm or near the ear and wait 24 hours. If no reaction occurs you may proceed.
Using cotton, gauze, or whichever applicator you choose begin allying to the face. Use consistent strokes making sure to apply in an even manner.
Never apply more than 3 layers per treatment allow each layer to dry and frost before applying the next layer.
Neutralizing is not necessary as this is a self-neutralizing peel. You may neutralize if you feel more comfortable to do so. We do recommend rinsing with distilled water for comfort.
You may consider a post-treatment serum and or oils for healing and comfort. Moderate flaking may occur 2-5 days after treatment.
ALWAYS use sunscreen as your skin is now super sensitive.

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