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MakeUp Remover, Micellar Water, Exclusive Pump Bottle

MakeUp Remover, Micellar Water, Exclusive Pump Bottle

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Micellar water in an exclusive dispensing bottle. We here at THEORY were surprised to see all the companies adding harsh chemicals to their Micellar Waters and we said NO.

Our Micellar water has a light rose scent enhanced but the rose essential oil. We choose rose for it's great benefits to the skin. If it's in our product it's beneficial for the skin. We also don't add ingredients not necessary such as an emulsifier to help the product stay mixed. We say "shake it" that's all you need to do to eliminate extra non necessary chemicals. Of course if shaking your product before use is not something you want to do then of course buy another companies Micellar Water.

Customers are loving our exclusive pump style bottle too. Simply twist to open upon arrival and give a couple pumps to prime, that's it. Then just give a couple shakes before each use. We recommend a cotton ball or cotton pad for removal as the cotton interacts with the Micellars to draw up dirt and oils.

You may leave the product on your skin. It will feel strange at first but remember all the ingredients are good for the skin. However some of our customers like to rinse it off which is also OK. Use as much or as little as you like. That's the beauty of our Micellar Water, it's versatility, easy of use, and lack of unnecessary bad chemicals that defeat the propose.

You'll receive 5 full oz

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