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Glycolic Acid 5%, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil Skin Softening Lotion, 4oz, Professionally Formulated

Glycolic Acid 5%, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil Skin Softening Lotion, 4oz, Professionally Formulated

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THEORY'S Glycolic acid Lotion

T H E O R Y’s Glycolic Acid is produced through a special enzymatic process requiring less energy, in production, and resulting in Glycolic Acid that is formaldehyde free and formic acid free. As a standard industry practice, Glycolic Acid is produced through a chemical process, resulting in co-products of Formaldehyde, and Formic Acid being present in the final product.
In June 2011 Formaldehyde was added to the US National Institute of Health’s list of known or suspected carcinogens.
ALL our Glycolic Acid products contain NO Formaldehyde or Formic Acid. 
Are you confident the other seller’s Glycolic Acid is free from such carcinogens?

Glycolic acid…A colorless, odorless, crystalline solid. It’s highly soluble in water and used in various skin care products. When applied to the skin glycolic acid reacts with the upper layers of the skin weakening the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. This action allows exfoliation to occure exposing live skin cells.
Glycolic acid is the most popular Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) use in the world of skin care to date. GA is derived from sugar cane and claims to be the most effective fruit acid particularly for cosmetic application.
What makes GA so popular…GA also has the smallest molecular structure giving it the best possible penetration potential. Once inside the cell, GA has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin just under the skin, the dermis layer. This process improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines through this increased collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is definitely effective in helping to produce healthier, younger looking skin. A low molecular weight hyaluronic acid can penetrate deep into your skin, hydrating cells, restoring collagen and elastin function, and even destroying the free radicals that form from sun, chemical, and pollutant exposure. Hyaluronic acid is actually an excellent antioxidant, and when your serum is capable of reaching the deepest layers of your skin, it can be incredibly effective at reversing damage to your cells.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Reduces Premature Aging, Protects Against Environmental Damage, Anti-Inflammatory, Prevents Stretch Marks, Strengthens Nails, Improves Skin Appearance, Whole-Body Moisturizer, Skin Toner, Exfoliating, Acne, Razor Bumps and Burn, Dry Feet and Heels

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