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TCA, Trichloroacetic Acid, 25%, 1 oz / 30ml TCA Solution



1 oz TCA Solution

Chemical peel used for the treatment of acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, sun damage, etc...

TCA is a deep peel and should be used with caution. Thoroughly review instructions before use, and be sure to have safety measures ready, including neutralizer, water, and first aid. TCA is intended for topical use only. Do not ingest, and please keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use concentrations of 30% or more for facial skin peeling without first diluting to a lower concentration, as this could be dangerous and result in excessive burning, tissue damage, and scarring.

Safety Warning

TCA can be dangerous in high concentrations. Proper precautions should always be taken, including patch testing, having first aid and neutralizer available, and keeping this product away from children, pets, disabled, elderly, as well as anyone else who may be ill-prepared to take care of themselves if an accident should occur. Handle with care and keep away from sensitive areas such as mucous membranes (eyes, nose, etc). If you are not prepared to perform the peel, nervous, or unsure if this is the treatment for you, please speak with a qualified physician. THEORY is not responsible for any negative side-effects or accidents caused by our product; the buyer assumes FULL responsibility. You agree to these terms when you purchase or use our products. THEORY does not intend for this to be used as a medical treatment for any condition. Please visit your physician for specific conditions and information.

Using TCA

Please perform a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment. If an allergic reaction occurs, or otherwise negative side-effects, please do not continue with the treatment. The concentration you use is up to you however anything above 70% TCA must be diluted. When in doubt, try a lower concentration rather than a higher one to determine if you can tolerate the procedure.
The treated area will be extremely sensitive and should be treated with antibiotic ointment in cases of deep treatment. After healing or light treatment, be sure to use a good sunscreen to protect the area. Full detailed instructions are provided with purchase. You can also consult reliable sources on the internet for tips and what to expect while healing.

Note: statements on this page should not be substituted for a physician's advice or consultation. THIS IS ONLY OUR OPINION!

By purchasing our products you acknowledge and accept our legal disclaimer listed in our policies section.

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Melvin L.
United States


I still haven’t received my order. Nor can I get any help in tracking it. I’ve emailed “info@skintheory” a million times with NO response.

Robert O.
United States United States

The Best!

The best product by far for facial peels. This is not my first peel and won’t be my last. I only buy from Theory Skin Care Company. Thanks Theory!

Kathy C.
United States United States

Excellent product

I use Theory Skincare TCA and the pumpkin mask with excellent results. The products are well made and reliable. My skin is so much better with the regular, safe use of Theory TCA products. thank you!

Chelsea A.
United States United States

Perfect Peel!!

I just finished peeling from my 25% TCA peel. It did burn and was uncomfortable for about 5 min but that’s something i knew would happen. I peeled for a total of 6 days. You start peeling around 3 day after you did the peel. It is even. My skin looks great. Pores look smaller too. I will do a series of 3 peels every 4-6 weeks until I’m completely free of melasma and acne scars. My skin looks great right now though if you just wanted to do it one time. I highly recommend watching a YouTube video to see how the process goes. You will love your results. Thank you Theory Skin Care!!

Patrick K.
United States United States